What CIBO is All About:

  • CIBO remains dedicated to ensuring that non-utility industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) energy producers can continue to provide safe, cost effective and reliable energy to sustain a strong and globally competitive position. Our main principle is to stay – member focused.  All our members have a seat and a vote on the CIBO Board, so you always have a voice.
  • We are the only place where the technical and policy sides of the ICI energy and environmental requirements come together to support policy and solutions development, on a national and corporate level, which is positioned for implementation at the local plant level.
  • Looking at what we confront now CIBO is now at a perfect inflection point to maintain its important voice at the policy table, particularly in Washington, as the new Administration and other world governments look at aggressive long term carbon reduction goals. This debate is now moving forward, and CIBO will maintain its focus on the importance of sustainability and carbon management in the ICI energy space.
  • CIBO is better positioning itself to maintain an enhanced, dedicated focus on the importance of sustainability and carbon management in the ICI energy space. This includes expanded public policy – external communications and government relations engagement. We have worked this year to re-set our future strategic course to meet these challenges head – on.
  • CIBO continues to offer technology expertise with an eye toward practical solutions. This has never been more important, especially now, as U.S. (industrial) manufacturers begin to examine initiatives more deeply that advocate a de-carbonized energy future, which has huge implications for maintaining U.S. industrial manufacturing competitiveness.

Our CIBO Agenda this Year:

  • CIBO has a full schedule of meetings and conferences for 2022, and we’re excited to be taking a deeper dive into industrial energy and environmental issues tied into climate change – related energy and sustainability challenges tied into the broader policies: as one example, we’re diving into the implications of a “net – zero” emissions goal within a few decades and the related challenges to the transition to a proposed de-carbonized energy future.
  • We’re asking and then addressing big policy questions around industrial energy – for example looking at a future “hydrogen economy”: what does that mean, how would we get there and what are the technical challenges and related costs for industrial energy users? Another example, which has more near term demands is the planned SEC definition for ESG reporting.
  • CIBO also remains positioned to be a KEY external voice looking at key energy issues: policymakers in Washington are pushing forward new legislation and regulations – and making decisions right now, which have major future implications: for example, with “clean energy” mandates, we ask, “what about the use of thermal energy and assuring the future viability of Combined Heat and Power Systems?” In terms of energy efficiency and other practical concerns, CIBO takes on the difficult issues, asks the complex questions and helps pinpoint technical cost effective solutions to policy challenges.

CIBO Priorities – Benefits of CIBO Membership

CIBO stays attentive to its membership – so we can make sure we stay focused on our priorities where we can make a difference.  In a recent surveys we conducted, our members underlined what matters the most to them – that you value the most with your membership:

  • Providing Key, Timely information – Regulatory and other Technical Policies
  • Meeting Regulatory Compliance Deadlines
  • Helping to Make Important Capital Investment Decisions
  • Identifying Energy Savings and Efficiencies – New Technologies, Fuels and operational adjustments
  • Taking a Deeper Dive – Energy and Environmental Regulations: Policy Development and Implementation
  • Keeping CIBO’s Mission Anchored with a Differentiated, Technology and Solutions – Focused Approach