Annual Meeting

45th Annual Meeting / Environmental & Energy/Sustainability Committee Meeting*

October 24-25, 2023 Virtual

The meeting where only CIBO members and invited guests come together to:

  • Assess CIBO’s activities, advocacy, accomplishments and plans for the past year and the strategic direction for the next and future years relative to our Vision and Mission;
  • Consider the energy and environmental questions corporate and institutional CEO’s and Government legislative and regulatory leaders will be asking in the upcoming year;
  • Discuss the broader energy and environmental issues that could be impacting overall corporate operations and planning in the near term;
  • Investigate the regulatory and legislative advocacy aspects of major issues to maximize the possibility of positive results for our members and industry as a whole;
  • Network with the top energy and environmental leaders at CIBO member companies and key outside regulatory, technical and legal experts available to provide up to the minute expertise on the important issues considered.

Unlike the quarterly committee meeting where the focus and discussion centers around how current legislative and regulatory activity directly impacts boiler and industrial energy operations at the individual boiler and facility level; or, how the CIBO conferences focus on specific energy or environmental concerns applicable across all CIBO member boilers and powerhouses, the annual meeting focuses on the broader policy implications of energy or environmental regulatory or legislative activity on the environmental compliance and energy needs and planning requirements of our member companies at the corporate level.  The Annual Meeting looks at where we are today, where we have been and where we have to go across the full range of energy and environmental issues.

Since 1978, the Annual Meeting has brought industrial, institutional and IPP boiler owners, architect engineers, and related equipment manufacturers representing 20 major industrial and institutional sectors together to (1) promote the exchange of information between industry and government relating to energy and environmental policies, laws, and regulations affecting industrial boilers and the manufacturing and institutional energy base of our country; (2) promote technically sound, cost-effective laws, regulations and technology development; and (3) improve energy and environmental performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness of members’ operations through technical interchange.  For over 35 years, CIBO has been promoting the better integration of our nation’s energy and environmental policies and regulations to achieve energy and environmental benefits for the country and our members.  The annual meeting focuses on doing that.

It must be remembered that it is impossible to make or do anything without energy; and, anything that impacts the cost of energy, impacts the cost anything we make or do with that energy.  It must also be remembered that the making, transport and use of energy can impact the environment.  The Annual Meeting is where energy, environment and economics come together to look for ways to generate the maximum benefit to the country and our members.