Policy & Technical Issues Conference I

2024 Meeting In – Person

DoubleTree by Hilton
Washington DC – Crystal City

May 14-15, 2024

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Challenges Facing the Power House of the 21st Century – a Continued Look

This is a two-day meeting designed differently to reflect CIBO’s new approach to the energy and environmental regulatory challenges we face. Building on CIBO’s two conferences last year, our 2024 conferences – in May and September – will maintain CIBO’s new approach to cover a wider range of policy areas that impact sustainability, resilience, and reliability. Our focus will include strategic policy and regulatory matters that drive permitting and compliance, long-term asset management and planning.  In addition, we will tackle the day-to-day operating challenges at the facility level.  As CIBO has always placed much of its rigorous technical lens to the powerhouse, including technology, operations and environmental compliance and permitting concerns, we now will push to also incorporate future energy – related needs and challenges, aiming at sustainability: how we define it and which elements we choose to focus on.  Our conference sessions will incorporate:

  • Operations and Maintenance Topics: including asset management, boiler maintenance, cyber – responsive industrial plant communications, alternative fuels production, distributed generation and GHG – related projects, water chemistry, re-use and wastewater treatment.
  • Strategic Policy/Regulatory Topics: including climate and energy security strategies, current EPA air and water sustainability challenges and regulatory concerns (PM 2.5 NAAQS, Boiler MACT, CSAPR FIP, WOTUS, PFAS), Environmental Justice projects and complexities, and ESG information collection and reporting.