Energy & Sustainability Committee

CIBO is a primary forum for the development and dissemination of technically sound, equitable, cost-effective policy, laws and regulations affecting energy products, sources and equipment (fuels, electricity and production equipment) use, applicability and cost for CIBO members and all industrial boiler owners and operators.

The CIBO Energy & Sustainability Committee has identified the following list of topics for our focus in 2023.

DOE Programs & Energy Markets

  • Direct Air Capture and Carbon Utilization
  • Clean Energy & Renewables – Programs
  • Industrial Sector De-Carbonization – Research and Demonstrations
  • Industrial CHP
  • Hydrogen Hubs, Hydrogen Systems
  • Natural Gas Market Conditions and Upstream Developments
  • Electricity Markets
  • Natural Gas Pipeline – Installation, Transmission and Production Issues

Energy – Facilities

  • Campus Energy Profiles
  • Industrial Power De-Carbonization Technologies
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Thermal Energy Storage

Boiler Operations

  • Boiler Safety
  • Centralized Power – Operations Controls
  • Water Tubes and Robotic Hydroblasting
  • Biomass and Waste Heat Boilers – Steam Generation Optimization
  • Alternative Fuels: Biomass, Biofuels, RNG, Small Modular (SMNR)
  • Hydrogen – Burner and Boiler Firing: Blends in Gas Turbines



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