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Vision Statement

CIBO is dedicated to ensuring that industrial, commercial & institutional energy remains reliable, sustainable, safe and cost-effective to support a strong and globally competitive economy.

Mission Statement

Through its members, CIBO provides the best technical knowledge, education and advocacy as members adapt to a sustainable energy future.

CIBO activities are designed to:

  1. To provide for the focused exchange, among organizational members, of accurate technical information, government policies, and laws and regulations that impact energy systems.
  2. To provide a forum for the continued education of organizational members, and the broader industrial energy community, on advances in technology and operations to improve the reliability, cost – effectiveness and environmentally safe production and use of energy.
  3. To monitor and engage on environmental and energy – related policies that affect the operations of CIBO’s membership, including laws and regulations on: clean air, clean water, energy efficiency, energy plant maintenance, carbon management, alternative fuels technologies, and sustainable energy utilization.


P.O. Box 1125, Haymarket, Virginia 20168

CIBO Main Phone: 202.420.0394
Alex Stoddard: 202.320.1807
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