AGENDA PTI Conference I

In Person, Hilton Garden Inn, Crystal City, VA

May 15-17, 2023

“Issues Facing the Power House of the 21st Century”

Monday, May 15th – Salon 1 & Salon 2

12:00pm Lunch – Salon 4
1:00 Welcome & IntroductionsAlex Stoddard, CIBO Executive Director
1:30 “Transformative Technology Demonstrations and DOE’s Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations”
Christina Walrond, Stakeholder Engagement Specialist, Advanced Nuclear and Industrial Demonstrations, Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations, U.S. Department of Energy
2:15 BREAK
2:30 “Virginia Air Quality and Planning Issues”
Thomas R. Ballou,
Air Data Analysis and Planning Manager, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
3:15 “PFAS Regulatory and Policy Update”
Chuck Chaitovitz, Vice President, Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
4:00 “SEC Climate Disclosure Rule”
Charles Crain, Senior Director – Tax & Domestic Economic Policy, National Association of Manufacturers
4:30 “Technology Presentation to Recover Clean Water & Energy from Humid Waste Exhaust Stacks”
Sunil Deoras, Partner & CTO, TMCAqua
5:15 Welcome Reception – Hotel Garden Café & Outdoor Patio Sponsored by Gecko Robotics
6:15 Dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill – 2200 Crystal Drive Suite A, Arlington, Virginia 22202

Tuesday, May 16th – Salon 1 & Salon 2

7:00 AM Breakfast Buffet – Hotel Garden Café
8:00 Setting the Agenda & IntroductionsAlex Stoddard, CIBO Executive Director
8:15 “Update from the Senate EPW Committee”
Adam Tomlinson, GOP Staff Director, U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
9:00 “EPA Air & Water Regulatory Updates (MACT, RTR, WOTUS)”
Lisa M. Jaeger, Bracewell Law Firm & CIBO Counsel
10:00 BREAK
10:15 “Biden Administration Regulatory / Climate Agenda” *virtual
Nichole Distefano, Principal, Mehlman Consulting
11:00 “GHG Reporting Trends”
Wendy Merz, Director of Sustainability Services, Trinity Consultants
11:30 “Annual Energy Outlook 2023: Industrial Energy Consumption Projections”
Peter Gross, Technical Lead, Industrial Energy Consumption, U.S. Department of Energy
12:00 Lunch Buffet – Hotel Garden Café
Sponsored by Detroit Stoker
1:00 “Valmet Technology Presentation – Cleaning Boiler Heating Surfaces with the Shock Pulse Generator”
Sarah Henke, Senior Product Manager, Recovery Boilers, Valmet
1:40 “Efficiency and Profitability Improvement of a Cogeneration Plant Using Advanced Controls”
Benoit Janvier, Enero Solutions
2:20 “PFAS Analytica Methods and Sampling Techniques”
JP Verheul, Senior Chemist, Enthalpy, Analytical LLC, Montrose Environmental
3:00 BREAK
3:15 “Social Cost of Carbon – Greenhouse Gas (SCC-GHG)”
Steven Rose, Principal Research Economist, Electric Power Research Institute
3:45 “Legal Update, EPA Air Regulations” * virtual
Skipp Kropp, Of Counsel, Steptoe & Johnson
4:30 EPA CSAPR Ozone Transport FIP Overview Continued
Tiffany Dillow, POWER Engineers
6:15 Dinner at The Portofino Restaurant526 South 23rd Street, Arlington, VA 22202 – 1480 Crystal Drive Arlington, VA 22202

Wednesday, May 17th – Salon 1 & Salon 2

7:00AM Breakfast Buffet – Hotel Garden Café
8:00 Setting the AgendaAlex Stoddard, CIBO Executive Director
8:15 “EPA PFAS Roadmap; Potential Effects on Industrial Energy Operations”
Matt Traister, Vice President, Ramboll
9:00 “Woody Biomass – Carbon Neutrality & Sustainability”
Paul Noe, Vice President, AF&PA
9:45 BREAK
10:00 Biofuels and Sustainability *virtual
Marty Muenzmaier, Renewable Fuels Sustainability, Lead, Cargill
10:45 Mary Martin, U.S. House of Representatives
11:00 September Meeting Input – Help Build the AgendaAlex Stoddard, CIBO Executive Director
12:00 Conference Concludes