Congratulations Bob Morrow of Detroit Stoker Company, Recipient of the 2022 CIBO Flame Award

November 15, 2022

This award is annually presented to a CIBO member who best demonstrates the finest technical knowledge, a willingness and ability to educate our members, and an individual who maintains the highest standards and principles of CIBO as a champion of sustainable energy. This award also recognizes members who step up/volunteer their time and talents to the internal work CIBO does – in this case the Environmental Committee!

This award is called the CIBO FLAME AWARD. Fire consumes, warms, and illuminates, it is often the symbol of inspiration. The recipient of the CIBO Flame reflects this as the person who best represents our mission of ensuring reliable, sustainable, safe, and cost-effective energy to support a strong and globally competitive economy.

This year’s recipient is Mr. Bob Morrow. Bob has been a participating member of CIBO since 2007. He has had a long career with The Detroit Stoker Company. Bob serves as CIBO’s Environmental Committee Chairman. Bob’s technical acumen, enthusiasm in sharing his knowledge, and his exceptionally high standards make him the ideal recipient for our 2nd Annual CIBO FLAME AWARD.

Please join me in congratulating the 2022 CIBO FLAME AWARD winner Mr. Bob Morrow.

Alex Stoddard
Executive Director