EPA – Key Air Regulations

The EPA Good Neighbor Plan stems from the 2015 Ozone NAAQS rule. The EPA received numerous comments, including many from industry which are seriously being considered. The goal is to get to a final rule so that some controls at existing facilities can be turned on next year with the remainder due by 2026. There was an oil and gas rule proposed in 2021 with an update due shortly. The on shore upstream sources are impacted. They are mostly concerned about methane leaks. For GHG reductions at EGUs, new rules have to be proposed. Both coal and gas fired units will be impacted. A proposed rule could be out by March 2023. For the moment, these are the two main GHG rules under consideration. The PM NAAQS proposal is over at OMB for review. The ozone NAAQS are being reviewed. There are no decisions as yet. The Boiler MACT final rule was issued. For pulp and paper MACT, options are being considered. No decisions have been made and no deadlines have been established. The hazardous organic NESHAP is proposed for March 2023.

– Kevin Culligan, EPA