DOE – Renewable Energy Guidance Report

There are a number changes going on with the Advanced Manufacturing Office. The AMO will split into two offices for assistance in October 2022: Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization and Advanced Materials and Technologies. The Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap focuses on the 5 sectors that account for the majority of industrial GHG emissions (chemicals, iron and steel, refining, food & beverage, and cement). There is no silver bullet. Multiple solutions are needed, as well as process integration. A current funding opportunity announcement is out under a $104 million funding effort. Proposals are due in December. The AMO has a number of institutes and is now setting up a 7th institute on industrial electrification.

The DOE has a Better Climate Challenge that aspires to reduce GHG emissions by over 50% in 10 years. A renewable guidance document for industry includes a summary document and a detailed supplemental document. Energy efficiency underpins the major resource for these efforts. Reducing energy needs also reduces the requirements for the remaining equipment and processes (including renewables and storage). The CHP program will be expanded to include all types of onsite energy. There is also an Industrial Technology Validation program. Phase 3 of that program is coming soon. The Infrastructure Law has provisions for providing grants and aid to smaller businesses for GHG reductions. There is also a state manufacturing leadership program. There are several manufacturing related provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act.

– Anne Hampson, DOE